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Fritillaria the marionette soubrette

Fritillaria the marionette soubrette published on No Comments on Fritillaria the marionette soubrette

While I was on DOA last night, I found an announcement for the recent Withdoll release Adriana. The Repuria Island of Fog edition, called Circus Girl, is a knife-throwing character. Knives and domino, as well as black, flowy costume, are optional. She comes with two headsculpts, one regular and one with craquelare-like crazing sculpted into her face.


I, of course, like the “cracked head,” as Withdoll calls it. I would like to get this doll and make her into Fritillaria the marionette soubrette. I’d dress her in black and white, with a ruff and diamonds, similar to but not copying the Fashion Royalty Nippon Amelie and Misaki dolls designed by Poupee Mecanique. She’d be a marionette who jumped her strings, so I’d screw eyehooks in her head, hands, and feet, then tie broken strings to them. I would also like to give her a movable jaw like a ventriloquist’s dummy, but I’m not sure how that would work. Maybe I could hire someone to do the cuts…


I like the wide cheeks, the little pointy chin, and the skijump nose.

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