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Lumedoll’s 30cm mature male BJD, Koit

Lumedoll’s 30cm mature male BJD, Koit published on 1 Comment on Lumedoll’s 30cm mature male BJD, Koit

If there’s one thing that the ABJD world lacks, it’s truly 1:6 mature male BJDs, i.e. with the size and proportions of GI Joes. 1:6 mature female BJDs exist in quantity, from Soom’s Mini Gems to DollMore’s FMDs  to SoulDoll’s Soul-Littles, but they have no male counterparts. SoulDoll at one time did make a male Soul-Little, Kimmy, but he has gone out of print.

Now, much to the joy of fans of 1:6 BJDs, a new 1:6 male doll has appeared on the horizon. Lumedoll  will be making Koit, 30cm of goodness, perfectly sized to go along with all those 1:6 resin women!

After quickly glancing at Koit, I really like him. The seriousness of his mouth and the shape of his eyes reminds me favorably of Chow. Koit would also be the perfect mold for the special collections assistant of my Intellectum project, though nothing with probably come of said project.

I hope that Koit remains in print for a long time so that those who wish to have 1:6 resin guys can do so. Actually, I would really like for Koit to inspire Soom, DollMore and SoulDoll to make 1:6 resin dudes of their own so that the possibilities for 1:6 people could be even greater than those supplied by plastic forms.

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