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Bug doll!!!

Bug doll!!! published on No Comments on Bug doll!!!

Well, that’s adorable. 5StarDoll [whence the resin 1:3 scale toddler bodies for Isabel and Carter to make them 1:6 scale fat adults] has recently released Jadeite, a preying mantis therianthrope.

If it was just a light green doll with wings and antennae, Jadeite wouldn’t stand out from the hordes of fairy dolls. However, Jadeite has claw-like, vaguely insectoid feets and pincer-like arms. Also note the pointy butt. 😀

jadeiteThis is an extremely cute thing, and I WANT ONE, especially given my interest in unusual therianthropes. However, Janna, who detests bugs, might find it alarming, so I’ll have to check with her first.

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