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Angelsdoll sculpts

Angelsdoll sculpts published on No Comments on Angelsdoll sculpts

So today at doll club I saw an Angelsdoll sculpt, and I fell in love with the realistic proportions of both head and body. The headsculpts look smooth, realistic and expressive. Just for the hell of it, I clicked over to the Angelsdoll site to see what they were offering. They currently have a sale for their Hyang girl, which includes 30% off list price, $100 of free clothes, free eyes and free shipping. That brings the total of a blank, faceupless doll to $259.00. Standard faceup is + $50.00. A beautiful 63cm, with everything but shoes and a wig, for just a few dollars more than I paid for Dorothy [a 14cm Elfdoll tiny, dressed, wigged and shod]. I might not be able to resist that.

EDIT: And I just found out that her head circumference is 21cm, meaning that she can share wigs with Sarah! She will need shoes, however.

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