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MiracleDoll Vic: another one for the OMV group

MiracleDoll Vic: another one for the OMV group published on No Comments on MiracleDoll Vic: another one for the OMV group

I just came across the most hilarious 1:3 scale BJD headsculpt today: MiracleDoll Vic. The pictures on Stacy’s Pink Ocean don’t really do this sculpt justice; like IOS Infernale, the sculpt clearly draws inspiration from anime/manga for its overall pointiness, as well as its impressively large nose. Even the open, smiling mouth full of pointy little teefs reminds me of IOS Infernale.


Vic differs from Infernale, though, in that Infernale is sculpted “straight,” i.e., not humorously, as a gloriously manga-riffic bishounen vampire that’s supposed to be seriously beautiful and seriously deadly, despite the fact that its tongues are hilarious.  Vic, however, has an open mouth sculpted halfway between speech and smile, as well as curving eyes, the right narrower than the left, and raised brows. In other words, I imagine the doll saying, “Hey guys, sorry I scared you with my mouth full of pointy teefs, but it’s just my dentition. Whatcha gonna do?”

Most of the faceups for this sculpt play up the sheepish expression, but I think Vic can do other moods as well. With happier brows, the sculpt could definitely do a a more cheerful, but still awkward and dorky, character.


I want one.

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