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Results of Operation Rainbow Barf!

Results of Operation Rainbow Barf! published on No Comments on Results of Operation Rainbow Barf!

I got my AG Minis Groovy Room today. Here is Jujube hanging out in her new house, which is as tastefully decorated from the available pieces as I could manage.

NB: I was wrong in my earlier speculation that AG Minis room boxes are smaller than 1:12 scale. They are 1:12 scale, so Jujube fits perfectly! ^_^  

The room box itself measures 14 inches wide x 11 inches high x 12 inches deep, with magnetic walls, ceiling and floor. It’s also electrified so that the little lamps can light up; however, this series of room boxes has a history of electrical problems, so the lamps are decorative, rather than functional. Especially with its clear front cover on, the room box reminds me of a CRT monitor, in both size and weight. It’s heavy!

Below, Isabel models the items from the Groovy Room that could be repurposed for 1:6 scale.

Reversible rug.

Magnetic wall art. Take your pick of fluorescent geometry or fluorescent kittens.

Furry cabinet, the tackiness of which may cause nausea.

Side tables and a TV.

Handbag, spider plant [with macrame holder!], poseable star tree, boingy flowers.

Water bottle, vase, mirror, matching Gerbera daisies.

Picture frames and really nifty lamps!

Reversible throw pillows.

Window! The picture is reversible and removable, so one can insert one’s own scene behind the plastic pane.

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