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Actual unofficial pics of Xagadoll Lara

Actual unofficial pics of Xagadoll Lara published on 1 Comment on Actual unofficial pics of Xagadoll Lara

Mint on Card very nicely provided me with some pictures of a blank in-stock Xagadoll Lara. They said I could use them as long as I credited the pictures to MOC.

Very youthful, welcoming face.

Too much forehead! She needs the ring between the two ends of the blue arrow ["slice"] removed. [I added the removal diagram.]

Nice shapely body with rather large breasts. Note double-jointed elbows! She's the only 1:6 scale BJD available with double-jointed elbows. [Souldoll's Vivi and Jandi are sold out. I suppose I could also could Dollmore's resin FMDs like Melissa Hon, but I have problems with Dollmore.] She has double-jointed knees too, but they are hidden because her legs are straight.

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This is the kind of photos that would be great for a company/retailer to post on flickr. I saw Supia posting pictures of their dolls, particularly comparing bodies (old and new, rather than to other company’s dolls) and showing the range of motion.

Whenever I see Dollmore’s 12″ dolls, I keep thinking their necks are too short and shoulders too wide (in some cases).

JamieShow also has 12″ bjds, but they’re pretty translucent

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