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New idea for drag queen fairy

New idea for drag queen fairy published on No Comments on New idea for drag queen fairy

Remember how I had the idea for a 1:6 scale drag queen fairy BJD? I just was thinking…

I could purchase a Lumedoll Lumelight slender male doll in white resin and create the following hybrids:

Flower's head + Lumelight body + hands from Flower's body + feets from Flower's body = Flower

Lumelight head + Faery Legend body + Faery Legend wings + Lumelight hands + Lumelight feets = drag queen fairy

This way, Flower would get the more diminutive and slender body that I have always imagined him having  plus the wonderful Soom hands and feets plus no wings to throw his back out. [Fuckers are heavy!] The drag queen would get the wonderful Soom body, the blockier Lumelight hands and feets plus beautifully blushed wings already set in her back.

Flower: "My name is Flower, and I approve this message. This doll stand is really cramping my style."

Me: "Should I take your wings off in the mean time?"

Flower: "God yes!"

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