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All the 1:6 scale BJDs

All the 1:6 scale BJDs published on 5 Comments on All the 1:6 scale BJDs

There are very few 1:6 scale BJDs out there, as I have been pissing and moaning about in the past. I have decided, therefore, to create the most comprehensive list of these hard-to-find specimens, which I will add to and update as necessary.

First, a BJD is defined as a ball-jointed doll. For the purposes of this list, a BJD is a highly articulated doll made entirely of resin and strung with elastic through hollow body parts. It comes without rooted hair, so that wigs can be used. It also comes without painted eyes; instead, eyes must be bought separately and inserted in the eyewells. A BJD can be customized through the addition of faceup/body blushing, eyes, wig and clothing. A BJD’s resin body can also be modified subtractively by sanding/carving and additively with sculpting compounds.

Second, 1:6 scale is defined as the scale in which dolls are one-sixth of life-size, which means that an average adult male fig is ~30cm, an average adult female fig ~27cm.

Third, 1:6 scale means something very specific to me. It means that the BJD’s head and body represent realistic human proportions, which scales down to a 3 to 4inch head circumference and 6 to 8mm eyes. My criteria thus exclude BJDs like Tiny Bear’s Mini Moona and Planetdoll Riz, both of which have disproportionately large heads.

Fourth, I’m only interested in certain types of 1:6 scale. I am not interested in 1:6 scale toddler and very young child dolls, like Fairyland Pukipukis and Pukifees. There are scads of those running around. I’m interested in BJDs representing kids older than 6 or 8, teenagers, young adults, etc.: the more mature end of 1:6 scale. Anything 20cm and taller is fair game.

And now…the list. I’m going alphabetically by company, with information about sculpts, availability and links where possible.

Alchemic Labo used to make Unoa Light Azurite [male] and Fluorite [female], both double-jointed BJDs. Azurite was 27cm, Fluorite 25cm. No longer available.

Batchix used to make Nan Sook, a double-jointed 25cm female. No longer available.

Dollmore sells 30cm Kidult dolls: Adela, Celia, Irina, Melissa Hon and Yeon [all female]. Currently available.

Dollmore also has Cute Dolls: Cossette, Dona and Lulu [all female]. I’m not sure if they’re part of the Kidult line, but they are the same size. Currently available.

Elfdoll used to make a line of 20cm kids with expressive faceplates. The first were Hana Angel and Devil, genderless sculpts, who also came in Halloween versions. They were followed by Doona Ryung and Doona Soah, as well as a Dolls and Friends exclusive, Kathlen [all female]. No longer available. [I have a Kathlen awake and a Kathlen sleeping on a Uyoo body.]

Illusion Spirit makes a single-jointed 27cm female doll, Spirit. Currently available.

JAMIEshow makes 30cm female bodies with double-jointed elbows and single-jointed knees. I'm not counting the heads made for these bodies because the heads have painted eyes. Currently available.

Limhwa/Eosdoll used to make the single-jointed 27cm ToYou [female]. They also make Mari and Sara [both female], who are the same size as ToYou and currently available. [I have a Sara.]

Leekeworld used to have a K series of dolls, 18 to 19cm high and single-jointed. There were Jiny and Lani, both female. No longer available.

Lumedoll makes the single-jointed Lumelights, 30cm males and 28cm females. Blaze, Koit and Lucas, the males, have slim and muscular options.  Arine and Elin, the females, have small and large bust options. Currently available. [I have two Arines, Elin and Lucas.]

Notdoll used to make the Symposion dolls. First there was a 20cm Becy, followed by the 20cm Lucy [both female]. There was also the 25cm Miriam and Pandora, both female, as well as the 27cm Yohimbin [male]. All Symposion dolls had double-jointed elbows and single-jointed knees. No longer available.

Orientdoll used to make the 20cm, single-jointed Joong Wol [male or female]. No longer available.

Soom makes the single-jointed, 29cm Minigems. Of the unlimited models [all female], only Aren, Uyoo and Uyoo Elf are still available. Garam is sold out, while Sosle and Romantic Uyoo no longer appear on the site. [I have two regular Uyoos and a Romantic Uyoo.]

Soom also makes the limited Faery Legends. Males to date are, in chronological order of release, Auber, Azur, Kremer, Metato and Labas. Females to date are, in chronological order of release, Nenad, Mixi, Idrial, Haidi, Nelen, Rose, Aenigma, Cylin, Absynthe and Asis. Males are 30cm. Currently available. [I have Kremer, Metato, Rose and Aenigma.]

Souldoll used to make 27cm+ Soul Littles. Kimmy [male] and Metel [female] were the single-jointed first releases. They were followed by the double-jointed Jandi and Vivi [both female]. No longer available.

Souldoll also used to make a 20cm Soul Dinky, Licht [male], but I can’t even find him on their site. No longer available.

Tiny Bear makes the single-jointed Bonbon and Coco [both female], with short, fat bodies. Even though they are only 15cm tall, I'm including them because their heads [4 inches] and eyes [8mm] are in true 1:6 scale, so I interpret them as 1:6 scale women with dwarfism. Currently available.

Xagadoll makes a 27cm double-jointed female, Lara. Currently available.


I was looking at Fairyland’s Chic Line dolls earlier, and they’re kind of a funny size. They’re on the small end of 1:4 scale but on the tall end of 1:6 scale. The MiniFee is listed as 42cm males and 41cm females, while ChicLine is listed as 40cm males and 37cm females. Page of measurements. Have you considered shortening the limbs a bit?

There’s also JAMIEshow‘s bodies, but (for lack of better terms) wouldn’t be allowed on DOA, and the translucent resin is kinda weird. On the other hand, they do come in dark colors, if you’re looking for that kinda thing.

Yeah, the Fairyland Chic line is definitely a small 1:4 scale, so they are waaaaay too big for my considerations. I think they’d also be too thick for proper 1:6 scale.

As for JAMIEshow, I’m not counting their BJDs because, even though they are 1:6 scale, they have painted eyes.

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