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Another source for custom BJD heads: Magical Angel

Another source for custom BJD heads: Magical Angel published on 1 Comment on Another source for custom BJD heads: Magical Angel

Yet another Chinese BJD maker has appeared on the already crowded scene: Magical Angel. Given their extremely horrible product photos, extremely low prices and the resemblance of their dolls' jointed feet to those of the defunct Domuya BJDs, the suspicious crowds on DOA called bullshit. Magical Angel's marketing manager, Amy, then hopped on DOA and allayed everyone's concerns. [She also posted the following explanation of all three contentious points on the MA Web site.] The suspicious crowds on DOA then uniformly turned cordial and enthusiastic, especially given Amy's readiness to submit to interrogation. Fickle individuals…

Anyway, MA just recently announced their custom head sculpting service. "Standard" quality, whatever that means, operates in the exact same manner that Angelsdoll's custom sculpting service, but with a base price of $550.00. [They also have a "high" quality option, which starts at $785.00, similar to Angelsdoll's base price.]

I asked Amy if MA a) accepted .obj files, b) would add eyewells, neck hole and head cap and c) would sculpt to particular eye size, neck circumference and head circumference. She answered within several hours and said yes.

All right, the next time I have some extra bucks, I'm going to get a 1:6 scale resin sculpt of Juniper, probably plopping her on a Soom Minigem body with reduced breasts. Whoo hoo!

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I have 3 Magical-Angel dolls, Kelly, Amiee, and a MSD that I don’t know the name of. They all pose very well, and their resin is heavy. I was particularly happy with the semi-translucent “yellow” resin that Aimee was cast in; it’s a great ethnic skin tone. Yes, the product photos are awful. Kelly in particular looks much better “in person.”

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