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Chittenden County Doll Club: 10/20/2012

Chittenden County Doll Club: 10/20/2012 published on 1 Comment on Chittenden County Doll Club: 10/20/2012

It was the proud, the free and the few at doll club this Saturday [usual place, usual time]. I attended, of course, along with vermont chick and Lyrajean.

I brought Araminthe and Sardonix. I ended up taking a bunch of pictures of them in standard poses, so here are some that slightly deviate from the norm.

Araminthe looks so much improved with Lura's default eyes.

Sardonix is goofing around.

Since all my 1:3ers spend their time in my room sitting, it's very rare to see two standing.

Lyrajean brought her Soom Mecha Angel Sabik for the first time. Love that melancholy face, hate that over-tall, gangly body. 80cm is too much BJD for me.

She also brought her latest acquisition, an Iplehouse EID Asa.

That's vermont chick's Iplehouse JID Asa on the left.

Lyrajean's Unoa also showed up again.

vermont chick's Iplehouse BID Ringo girl came in an outfit sewn by vermont chick herself. Everyone was amused by Ringo's pout except for Araminthe!

There's her Iplehouse JID Asa again.

vermont chick's Iplehouse SID Soo on an Iplehouse EID body also came with improved, de-reddened faceup.

1 Comment

1- Confirmed my love of the Sabik face
2- IH Asa’s face is so serene in all sizes
3- IH Soo was one I had looked at, but I think I’m not as interested now.
4- Love Soo’s earrings mod.
5- Tell me about Sardonix’s military coat. I love the style of the lapels
6- IH Ringo is absolutely awesome in this setting.

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