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No more murky eyeballs

No more murky eyeballs published on No Comments on No more murky eyeballs

Finding the best eyes for my BJDs involves the consideration of more factors than non-doll-related people probably guess. In no particular order, here are my considerations.

Size. Will they fill the eye sockets without leaving gaps? Will the irises make the doll look younger [if larger] or older [if smaller]?

Material. Eyes can be made from urethane, glass, silicone or acrylic. Each material has its pros and cons, as well as price variations. I tend to go with cheap glass.

Color. Is the color visible in the doll's eyes? Is it accurate to the character?

Dome height. High-dome eyes have definite bulbous lenses over the iris areas, which means that the irises and pupils sit further back in the doll's eye sockets. Low-dome eyes bring the irises and pupils closer to the lids. I prefer low-domes because high-domes tend to create too many shadows.

Reflectivity. Do the eyes eat light or reflect light?


I'm currently frustrated by my lack of appropriate eyes for my 1:6ers. For some reason, I have way too many pairs of 6mm blue acrylics that photograph like mud. I really want to swap them out for highly reflective eyes in light colors.

Jamisia currently has a pair of said muddy blues. Anyway, she needs better eyes. She'd look great in 8mm light violet eyes, even if I have to remove some of her hair in order to install them.

Mellifer does not have the muddy blues, but he does have pretty dark brown 8mms that don't fit his character. He'd look great in 8mm light yellows, and I need to remove his muddy wig anyway.

I think Lucian might need some new eyes too. He has 6mm browns [I think], and they just photograph like black holes all the time. 🙁 I should try swapping in Ginevra's 8mm silvers to see what they look like in his head.

Then Ginevra would need new eyes! I think she'd look good in 8mm light pink or red. Ooooooh…

DD-Anne sells cheap factory second glass eyes in 8mm.

Ooooh, I also see that the maroon 4-inch wig she sells is just the type I seek for Mellifer!

Too bad I have shit for money right now and can't buy anything.

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