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Prepare yourself, ladies and gentlequeers.

Prepare yourself, ladies and gentlequeers. published on 3 Comments on Prepare yourself, ladies and gentlequeers.

What you are about to see will shock and astound you.

I offer you a fainting couch if you feel a syncope of amazement coming on.

If your companion passes out, please use the complimentary smelling salts to bring them around.

We also have antacid tablets for those who truly can’t stomach the sight.

…As well as blindfolds for those who don’t even want to think about looking in its general direction.

Is everyone ready? Good.

Yes, it’s true! I scribbled more on Jareth’s face tonight! Put some brown [PC number unknown] in the corners of the mouth, changed the lips to magenta [PC930], added a layer of mulberry [PC995] above the eyeliner and sketched in some blush [PC928] on the cheeks.

This is not the final faceup. I need some Pebeo universal paint remover to remove some fuzzy lines and finish the edges in a neater manner. However, in the 7 (?) years since I bought my Pebeo at the now-defunct Pearl Arts and Crafts in Cambridge, MA, Pebeo has apparently become unavailable in the States, so I’m on a mission…. Further bulletins as events warrant!


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