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DD-Anne eyes part 2: for Mellifer

DD-Anne eyes part 2: for Mellifer published on No Comments on DD-Anne eyes part 2: for Mellifer

Mellifer also got new DD-Annes today!

Shitty original Soom acrylics. Note flatness of color and inability to distinguish between pupil and iris.

New glass DD-Annes! Holy shit, I can see his irises!

The yellow eyes really lighten him up. Because they have more depth, they give him greater expressiveness and character. If lighter eyes of higher quality alone make him look this much better, imagine how radiant he will look with his deep maroon wig!

Pulling his hair back improves Mellifer's appearance greatly, allowing him to display his neato ears. His head is on the small side for his body, so his ears, when fully visible, make him seem a bit more proportional.

Now that I think about Mellifer's default palette, I really dislike it. I think that the eyes and the wig and the outfit and the faceup are all too dark to really show him to the best advantage. I'm thinking of redoing his eyes with higher brows and much less umber shading whenever I get my Pan Pastels. I think that will be an overall benefit since I messed up his eyeshadow when I was removing his stupid applied lashes.

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