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Alternatives to Soom Faery Legends

Alternatives to Soom Faery Legends published on No Comments on Alternatives to Soom Faery Legends

Speaking of 1:6 scale fairies, I discovered today that Illusion Spirit offers what is essentially a cut-rate, unlimited Soom Faery Legend equivalent: a 27cm single-jointed mature girl with optional magnetic wings in regular or translucent green resin. Just to make matters even more confusing, her sculpt name is Spirit.

Anyway, blank full doll is $165.00 from Mint on Card [+ $25.00 for translucent wings] excluding shipping, and head and body can be purchased separately. Compare to $300.00 for a blank version of Soom's current Faery Legend, Asis. Sure, she comes with faery legs and heel feet, but those aren't worth tacking $110.00 to the price of the doll + wings.

I'm keen on the affordable IS body + wings, so I'm currently rolling around the idea of getting an IS body + wings, then finding a head of a 12cm doll [wig and eye size for which tend to be the same as for 27cm matures] and modding it to make my own damn fairy. Hmmm…

Fuck you Soom.

[But Asis is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!]

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