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Christian Bale flips his shit.

Christian Bale flips his shit. published on 3 Comments on Christian Bale flips his shit.

Someone remixed Christian Bale’s shit-flipping on the director of photography for Terminator 4, and I’ve been listening to it a bit over the past few days. The remix brings out the repetitive, whiny, self-important nature of his bloviation and substitutes for an inner monolog when something annoys me.

Did you almost fall on the ice this morning? Play this.

Did you not get the job you wanted? Play this.

Did the post office temporarily misplace your $280.00 doll from Australia? Play this.

Do you have to review a self-insertion wank-off in 350 words or less? Play this.


LOL that’s actually an *excellent* remix. xD

….Tell me that third one didn’t happen to you. Holy crap. I’d be fit to be tied and shitting twinkies. O.o

All of them happened to me. That’s why I was playing the song. :p

Holy Craptoast. *plies you with tea and warm blankets*

1. Are you relatively unscathed I hope?
2. Ugh, I’m so sorry, I know how this feels. I think I have three thousand resumes out at this point. Sure feels like it at least. :/
3. Please see earlier reference to rage and twinkie-shitting; glad that got resolved OK.
4. Oh gods, what manner of fanfic-level Sue/Stu horror is this now?

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