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Angelie, Marquis, Teodora and ZaeZae upgraded

Angelie, Marquis, Teodora and ZaeZae upgraded published on 2 Comments on Angelie, Marquis, Teodora and ZaeZae upgraded

Angelie, Korean-American fitness nut, got new hands from a Hi Glam Girl that I had lying around, gaining an axis of rotation, and Obitsu flat feet instead of high-heeled Barbie feet. I don’t care about the small size of the Obitsu feet because she is wearing high-tops, in which she can now stand unassisted.

Marquis, debauched consort of the evil Justine, got a vest from Andrea’s 75-ton gift and bloodstains thereon. I also aged his clothes with a seam ripper.

Teodora, leader of the Portuguese Irmas de Maria and also Pippilotta’s great aunt, upgraded to her final headsculpt, a Toybiz Xena from Andrea’s 75 tons. I weathered her face with brown colored pencil and gave her a haircut. She is now complete.

ZaeZae, a young Irma, some time ago, got big stompy boots from my War Toys order. More recently, she got hands from the DiD boy body, thus gaining two axes of rotation.


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