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Pet peeve: poor posing

Pet peeve: poor posing published on 2 Comments on Pet peeve: poor posing

I do not like displays or photos in which dolls are poorly posed. A doll’s hands/feet shouldn’t be twisted around, nor should its elbows/knees bend backward or sideways. A doll should be in a position that is either a) physically possible for a human being or b) physically impossible for a human being, but fine for the character. Ideally, a doll’s clothes and hair should behave appropriately for the photo [disarrayed if you need disarray, neat, tidy and controlled otherwise]. I find poor posing such a distraction that I don’t care how unusual, rare or interesting the doll is; if it’s imitating a pretzel with bed head, I will ignore the overall picture in favor of sloppy details.

There are no visual aids for this post because I couldn’t find any suitably anonymous examples and I’m not subjecting my own dolls to the humiliation of illustrating what NOT to do in posing.


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