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4.5: “My Sorry Relationship I”

4.5: “My Sorry Relationship I” published on No Comments on 4.5: “My Sorry Relationship I”

In which Will, Velvette and Viktor compete on a game show. 

Comments: As you may recall, in the Tale of Two Sisters side plot, Velvette was caring for her sister Janet, who suffers debilitating migraines. Despite Velvette’s best attempts at patience, Janet’s demanding, short-tempered behavior pissed her off, so Velvette sought comfort with her new girlfriend, the undead Gemini, creator of crocheted roadkill. At the same time, Viktor, an eternally frustrated sexbot created by Janet, was rejected by his owner Sibley. Viktor approached Janet for help, but she rebuffed him. This storyline now overlaps with our main storyline in this ep.

I just realized that we’ve never actually seen Janet working in her lab. Hmmmm…

Please note that all events in My Sorry Relationship are Will’s interpretation of events, not actually accurate representations of each character’s voice. That said, he does have a certain vulgar knack for getting to the root of others’ problems….

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