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4.6: “Gift of Sunsets”

4.6: “Gift of Sunsets” published on 1 Comment on 4.6: “Gift of Sunsets”

In which Mamie, Anneka’s sort-of grandmother, finds out the truth behind her granddaughter’s “queer” behavior.


Comments: If you don’t remember, Mamie is Anneka’s grandmother’s widow. Minerva [Anneka’s grandmother] had two partners at the same time: her husband Isaac and Mamie. All three of them raised Max, Anneka’s dad. Mamie used to be headmistress of the Endless Lake Boarding School in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, but she has been a nature photographer for some time now. She lives in South Burlington, Vermont, which is near Maple Corners, where Anneka’s parents live.

I really enjoy writing Mamie’s dialog because, as brusque and uncomfortable with emotions as she is, she really does love her family.


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