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Early forays into 1:6: A snapshot

Early forays into 1:6: A snapshot published on 1 Comment on Early forays into 1:6: A snapshot

Here’s my self-introduction on MWD, written a few days after I joined in October, 2001. It gives a glimpse into my 1:6 universe back then:

I’m a 23-year-old Vermont transplant currently living in the Boston metro area. First I started drawing people…Then I started making paper dolls…Then I moved on to 12" dolls…And I’ve even progressed to a mannequin. I’m pretty new to the 1:6 realm, but I don’t think I’ll be leaving any time soon, given the presence of so many [plastic] buxom beauties to play with.

My collection’s mostly female, heavy on that wondrous Cy body, small, but eclectic and dynamic. It includes a drag king [an AA Jane with an earplug in her pants], a drag queen [a Mattel Frank Sinatra with black curls and a shitload of glitter], a porn star, a sword-wielding book guardian, a dominatrix/slam poet and the lead singer of the band I just made up, Flaming Hot Pussy.

Each 1:6 doll has been renamed, redressed and given a particular personality. For example, I turned A.J. into a 16-year-old bad-ass, Amelia, with one hand missing due to a motorcycle accident [ah, those detachable CY hands]. She wears her baseball cap backwards and adopts a rebellious, defiant stance. Very sexy in Kat’s tank top and a pair of hot pink hot pants from "Lauren," a horribly cheap dollar-store find.

She and all the other dolls change poses regularly, as they have a soap-opera-like series of tableaux going on. I haven’t been writing in a while, but this is my way of creating in the interim. I customize my figs’ **psychology,** rather than their appearance [resculpting, headswapping, etc.], if that makes any sense. Does anyone else do this [storylines, I mean], or am I the only one? *looks around*

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’ve hooking my girlfriend on the hobby, and we spend many happy hours kitbashing together. Pretty amazing, once you consider that the rest of the world thinks I’m fricking weird as it is.

Time passes, but the essentials remain. My characters are still soap-operatic, queer, gender-fucking, kinky, disabled, bad-ass and dressed in cheap, tacky clothes. Each has a detailed personality. The only major development in my 1:6 interests has been my increasing proficiency modding dolls and sculpting my own accessories.

Hmmm, from this clip, I seem like an interesting, but very defensive, person.

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