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Articulated 1:6 toddlers

Articulated 1:6 toddlers published on 1 Comment on Articulated 1:6 toddlers

Now that I have my Dom doll back in commission, I’d like to get a doll of Geordie, his niece. She was originally an Elfdoll 17cm Jin dal Rae, but she wasn’t very poseable, so I got rid of her. As much as I’d love to get a 1:6 toddler BJD, I don’t have the money for that right now, so I’m brainstorming alternatives.

Obitsu 21cm with reduced arms, legs and torso. This body would satisfy my need for articulation, but I’m looking for something about half this height, 5" at max.

Mattel Kelly/Tommy doll. These are the appropriate size, but their articulation is crap, and they all have disturbing smiles.

Sekiguchi Mame Momoko. These dolls are the right size, with minimal articulation like Kellys, but their clothes can be realistic [see the Street Kids Mame for example], and I find their simplified faces much more charming than Kellys’.

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If you can find the older Tommys and Kelleys, their faces are far less..oddly distorted. (I was looking at some of the newer headsculpts at WallyWorld the other night and my reaction was “Um, ew.) With a repaint their eyes are also better. Some of them have joints too, but those are really old. Still, occasionally findable.

I wonder why there are no good articulated kid dolls?

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