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Because fat is a contagious creeping crud. [Also…I want this doll.]

Because fat is a contagious creeping crud. [Also…I want this doll.] published on 5 Comments on Because fat is a contagious creeping crud. [Also…I want this doll.]

Latinworks made a series of ads for, each depicting sedentary, fat versions of childhood toys, surrounded by the detritus of junk food. The tagline is "Keep obesity away from your child." Yup…because we all know that fat is a horrible contagious disease invading from outside, and body shape and weight have nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with sitting around and stuffing your face, and, with enough willpower, you can enforce skinniness! Besides its misinformed, moralizing scare tactics directed towards weight, the version below the cut also features a problematic reshaping of a fashion doll body, a plastic icon already well analyzed for its vexed cultural messages. Nasty, misogynist, anti-fat piece of drivel.

I do want that doll, though, as well as some of the fat little Playmobil pirates seen in another ad in the series. This series makes me think that I should try again to make a fat doll. My first fat doll, Margie, came out pretty well, but I couldn’t sculpt fats on her because I didn’t have the right modeling compound. Now that I have some Sculpey, I can add fats to a doll’s head and body!


The “Beware Eevil Fats” link appears to go nowhere, or is Firefox screwing with me again?

Wow, that is some grisly bullshit, speaking as someone who will never be these twits version of “thin”. There’s definite emphasis on making the extra weight look as unappealing as possible.

As I have ranted in the past, I’d sure like to see some body type differentiation in figures myself. :/

Plus-sized dolls

Mattel had the Rosie O’Donnell doll and PlayAlong has the Edna and Tracy Turnblad HairSpray dolls to represent plump female figures. I have the Rosie and the Tracy dolls in my collection; haven’t found Edna at a price I would pay for her. She’s findable on eBay, but I have never seen the Edna HairSpray doll in Toys R Us. Shrug.

There’s another choice for full-figure roughly 12″ dolls. The Big Beautiful Dolls shown at this website:

Please note: I am NOT testifying to the quality of these dolls. The Dawn doll I have seen in the Roville series as a recurring secondary or possibly even tertiary? character. I recall reading that someone had found a cheaper, nude version of one of these dolls. That person found the dolls cheaply made – hollowed parts, limited articulation, etc.

I would like to have one of them in my collection; just have to either find them cheaper or bite the bullet and buy them at the website price.

Happy collecting!


I made a larger female action figure a few years ago using Apoxie Sculpt–I really prefer that stuff over Sculpey/polymer clays, because the epoxy putty cures without need of heat, so there’s no need for the “too hot, melt my dolly/not hot enough, the clay’s not cured” dance. You do have to paint it, though.

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