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That’s My Face! Deathmask!

That’s My Face! Deathmask! published on No Comments on That’s My Face! Deathmask!

That’s My Face constructs 3-D likenesses of people with the help of 2 photos [front and profile] and a bunch of data points about the boundaries of certain features. One use for the likenesses is that of 1:6 action fig heads. I’m not impressed for several reasons.

  • The software best captures "neutral expressions," meaning that the resultant likenesses lack the recognizable expressions that give people so much of their personality.
  • Because the likenesses are based only on front and side views, they completely neglect the width, depth and subtleties of the chin and jaw, not to mention the cranium.
  • On a more personal note, the likenesses require entirely too much fiddling to establish boundaries and then wait for the effect of those boundaries on the finished sculpt. I would much prefer working directly with material that I can touch.

Computers might be very capable, but they are not as awesome as people think they are for capturing vivid, lively, nuanced likenesses.

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