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Susie 2.0…now with misdirected eyes!

Susie 2.0…now with misdirected eyes! published on 1 Comment on Susie 2.0…now with misdirected eyes!

I finally got my Tanned Roxydoll Lucy after she took an unexpected detour, temporarily lost in the post office. I stuck her eyes in her head [the worst part of BJD ownership for me] and replaced all her stringing with pipe cleaners. Then I rustled up an outfit for her. That’s a Barbie short-sleeved shirt and a pair of Barbie jeans over 8" tights. Her shoes are Rement rubber boots from a Storage Beauty set.

Lucy is such a delicately sculpted doll, very light and highly jointed. I love the little open mouth and the combination of chubby cheeks and pointy chin.

Ergh…now that I see the photos, I recognize that her eyes are wonky. I’ll deal with that later. I may just give up and push her left eye in toward her nose and say she’s blind in that eye. I HATE adjusting eyes.

EDIT: I gave up and ended up making her blind in that eye. She also has different pants. Much better.

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