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Annie’s Too leggings and tops for Jareth

Annie’s Too leggings and tops for Jareth published on 2 Comments on Annie’s Too leggings and tops for Jareth

Since most BJD clothes are di$gus$tingly expen$ive, those of us who don’t sew search for well-tailored, affordable clothes. If you’re looking for simple casual wear or mix-‘n’-match separates/coordinates, I recommend Lynn at Annie’s Too. She offers long- and short-sleeved T-shirts, leggings, tights and leg warmers for all sizes of BJDs.

I commissioned some leggings and a long-sleeved T for Jareth, and I’m very satisfied. Waists are on the high side and legs on the long side, which is fine with me, since there’s nothing that I dislike more than clothes that are too short! There is a little extra room built into each pattern to allow for easy dressing and undressing, but the bit of roominess does not detract from the form-fitting look. All seams are sewn; the overall construction is very durable, which is great, as I manhandle my dolls a lot.

NB: The thickness of tops and leggings depends on what material you choose. The shirt shown here is made of 1:1 T-shirt material, while the leopard print is more translucent and more in scale for 1:3 legging material. Other leggings I received from Lynn have more bulk because they are 1:1 T-shirt material. If you are concerned about bulk, you can chat with Lynn about which fabrics would be most in scale.

Lynn charges very reasonable prices and offers exemplary customer service. She communicated with me frequently about my order and answered all my questions, no matter how small they were. She’ll work with you to make sure you are satisfied with your order. I’m definitely ordering from her again when Frank gets his own body.

I tried to take some illustrative pictures of Jareth in his Annie’s Too gear, but my creative tendencies kept making the pictures more artsy-fartsy.


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