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Sardonix has left the building.

Sardonix has left the building. published on 1 Comment on Sardonix has left the building.

Because her neck was too short, Sardonix shipped back out to Angel Toast mods this morning [Priority Mail, $19.65, 2-day arrival time, excluding day of shipment] to get her neck thickened and heightened. Fidget fidget fidget. I can’t wait to play with my doll! Oh well, I’m just going to have to learn patience [hah!].

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Oh, I hope she gets back soon so you can play with her! Here’s a copy of the email I sent to you earlier. Pictures are attached to the email – let me know if you want them posted here:

My sincerest apologies for the length of time between this update and the last. This won’t happen again. I hope to have Jareth here finished within two weeks. Here are a few progress shots. I’ve finished the castle and adjusted his pose again. The arms looked off to me, so I’ve rearranged his arms. One is now holding a crystal up to send it into the air with the others, and the other is still holding his book, but the position of the fingers has been fixed.

I’ve included the lineart of his new pose by itself and a version with colour. His facial features aren’t quite right yet (I can never get a good likeness with just lines – I need to work with the colour and shape it properly) and his hair still isn’t quite right – looks okay in the lineart but not when coloured. But you can see his pendant now and the small designs on his vest and on the cloak shoulders. In the colour version you can see I’ve tweaked the colours of his costume a little. His pants can go back to black if you like – I just tried this out to see how you liked it.

Again, I’m so sorry for the delay. I hope this finds you well.

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