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With all the preparations for moving…

With all the preparations for moving… published on 1 Comment on With all the preparations for moving…

…and all the book reviews I’ve been writing and all my other obligations, I’m starting to feel like a reanimated corpse:

This is about as animated as I get these days:

Unfortunately, even though I feel like death warmed over, I do not even have the consolation of cool hair, cool make-up or cool clothes as demonstrated on the avatar. This is probably why I like the Meez program. It has a large array of facial features, costumes, backgrounds and animation, which offer extensive online customizing possibilities. Furthermore, Meez are larger than, say, pixel dolls, and, unlike, say, Zwinkies, they do not contain any downloadable spyware. They’re also 85% free, although some cool shit, such as thigh-high boots, costs money. Thigh-highs aside, though, Meez provide an amusing outlet for the brain-dead.

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