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Why is Will smirking?

Why is Will smirking? published on 2 Comments on Why is Will smirking?

Can you guess?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

I see you shiver with antici…


Yes, I finally figured out how to fit him into a goddamned skirt. [Thank you, CrossDresser!] Then I mastered the Herculean task of posing the skirt so that it followed the movements of his lower body. That reminds me — I should probably fiddle with it so it fits tighter around the waist. It’s good enough for now, though. But would someone please tell Will that a long-sleeved shirt doesn’t count as a long-sleeved shirt if it’s made out of HOLES??


Matt’s sister was in Russia a few years ago, and reported that everyone there is prone to wearing mesh shirts, with nothing under or over, and whether or not it is an appropriate look for the wearer.

Does Poser not put light reflections into eyes, or, have you disabled them for Mr. Creature of the Night?

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