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Do you have questions about my dollses?

Do you have questions about my dollses? published on 3 Comments on Do you have questions about my dollses?

If so, fire away. This is about my BJDs only. Questions about the characters’ personalities, dolls’ construction and decoration, expenses, etc. welcomed. My BJDs are…

Frank, a Volks Yukinojo head on a DollMore Model Doll body with TwigLimbs arms, painted by me

Jareth, a modified Dollshe SA Haund, mods and faceup by Armeleia

Jennifer, an Obitsu Friend Gretel, all default

Sardonix, a Delf Juri 06 head on a modded ShinyDoll Thaasa body, mods by elisa_maza, faceup by me

Will, a Soom Sabik I.B. Hunter, default faceup accentuated by me



1. What is Frank actually made up these days, in terms of pieces? Heheh. Frank-endolly. 😉

2. What exactly is the relationship between Frank and Jareth? (That’s a cool pic, btw).

3. What is Jennifer’s orientation?

4. How are you relating to Sardonix as a Juri, as opposed to the Lishe? What is she, exactly, in terms of character/mythological background?

5. Where do you keep Will? Sabik is huge. Will he be dressed like 1/6th Will? Will there be an Anika for him?

1. Frank is a Yukinojo head, a Bella Auden body and Twiglimbs arms and hands. He has parts from 3 different makers.

2. Frank and Jareth represent two characters in my head based on my interpretation of the movie characters of the same name. Unlike the characters that inspired them, my Frank and my Jareth are partners. 😀 😀 😀

3. Jennifer is queer, although she’s not too keen about admitting it, the last time I checked.

4. Sardonix 2.0’s head, the Juri 06, has bigger eyes and a bigger mouth than the elf Lishe. The larger eyes make Sardonix 2.0 seem younger and more mischievous than evil. Mythologically speaking, she’s a succubus, feeding off the libidinous charge of the other dolly denizens and acting like a minor demon.

5. Will is on my desk, along with Frank and Jareth. Will gets the upholstered chair. He represents the same character as 1:6 Will, and he dresses approximately the same as 1:6 Will does already. I doubt that there will be an Anneka for him.

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