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LHF cast: Will

LHF cast: Will published on 2 Comments on LHF cast: Will

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William Philomel Ashby Cox, known as Will, is a vampire.

He is Anneka’s boyfriend. He was born in 1870 and vamped at the age of 30. He is now 138. He is not currently affiliated with any clan. However, he did belong to the Sods after being vamped and, a few years ago, he was aligned with the South Enders.

Will lives in Davis Square, West Somerville, Massachusetts with his significant other Anneka. He is the Webmaster for However, he would rather be doing just about anything else. Poetry would be nice, but he’s had writer’s block for over a century.

Will’s strengths include his wisdom about emotional matters and his tact. His weaknesses include sarcasm and self-hatred…not to mention his hideous “fashion sense.”


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