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“Tiresome sex” and the Anita Blake series.

“Tiresome sex” and the Anita Blake series. published on 4 Comments on “Tiresome sex” and the Anita Blake series.

Apparently the Anita Blake series started off interesting and slid into porn. For example, an Amazon reviewer savages Narcissus in Chains, a midstream book in the series, as follows: “This book brings in a new character, the male Nimir-Raj of another were-leopard pack, with whom Anita immediately has sex. And there’s mental sex, virtual sex, interspecies sex… it gets downright tiresome. You never knew sex could be this boring.” HAH!

Maybe I should go back and read some of the earlier books in the series? I keep confusing them with Nancy Collins’ Sonja Blue series, which memorably has vampire protagonist at odds with her vampirism, personified as a sleek and crazy killer that squats in her mind and talks to her under its breath. I would reread Collins again just for Sonja’s internal dialogs.


NiC is an AWFUL book — I highly unrecommend it (if that’s not a word, it should be!)

I enjoyed the earlier Anita Blake books, up to “Obsidian Butterfly”, but after that, they turn into OMG PRETERNATURAL SEX FRENZYYY and not in a good way — also, she REPEATS HER ADJECTIVES from book to book, which annoys the fuck out of me. I’m not buying the Anita Blake books anymore, although I still check them out of the library.

OTOH, I’m very much enjoying the Meredith Gentry books and recommend them highly.

With any of LKH’s books, it’s important to read them in order — otherwise, each one contains massive spoilers for the ones before.

— A 🙂

Can’t stand either series. The Meredith Genry series revolves around sex.. I mean the main plot {if you could call it that} Is that she has to get Knocked up before her cousin. So there’s healing sex,giving you magical powers sex,midget sex…ect ect.
I also tend to find her characters to similar .. all the men are tall broad shouldered and long hair. bleagh

Sorry . I just can’t stand the author

If you’re interested, I have all the books up to….oh, I don’t remember, but I think I’m three behind. If you want them, they’re yours. All hardbacks; the first 8 books were originally released in paperback, but I got them in three combined book-club editions.

And yeah, once they devolved into porn-fests, I lost interest. Hamilton used to have actual PLOT, and now it’s just “How many people can Anita screw and then angst over?”

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