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Awesome 1:6 stuff

Awesome 1:6 stuff published on 1 Comment on Awesome 1:6 stuff

Little T-shirts! Ostensibly air fresheners for the car, these shirts have been tested by MWDers and proven good fits from male and female figs. The following appeal to me: “0% Angel,” “Chicks Rule!,” “God Bless America,” “Hottie,” “Naughty,” “Princess” and “San Francisco.” I can see Baozha in “Hottie” [just to piss off Chow], Mark in “God Bless America” [when he’s not wearing his “I Love Cactus” shirt], Rori in “Chicks Rule!” and Will [or one of my Frank dolls] in “Princess.” 

There are some more little T-shirts here about the same size. I can’t really tell if they are complete shirts, but they seem to be.  I think I need some with Disney Princesses on them, if only to pervert.

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