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Dead Girl’s Diary 1: “Irredeemable Mind”

Dead Girl’s Diary 1: “Irredeemable Mind” published on 2 Comments on Dead Girl’s Diary 1: “Irredeemable Mind”

In which Absinthe, the one who vamped Will, reflects on the pivotal moments of her life.

Comments: Welcome to another side plot for Love Has Fangs. Like Tale of Two Sisters, Dead Girl’s Diary follows the story of certain people who have fascinating adventures in the LHF universe outside of the main plot line. This particular parallel adventure concerns Absinthe, a vampire who died at the age of 13 and the one responsible for turning Will undead. What has she been doing in the century after biting her boyfriend? Find out here.

Absinthe ain’t your typical action figure. Her head is actually from a small Asian ball-jointed doll made by a Korean company, Elfdoll. The sculpt’s name is Kathlen, and it comes in open-eyed and close-eyed versions. I chose the one with closed eyes for Absinthe since it seems to give her a dreamy, thoughtful air appropriate to her character. Because the resin body that Kathlen comes on is just 20 cm high and not well-articulated, I put Absinthe’s head on an Obitsu body, a masectomized torso from a 27 cm Obitsu with a pelvis and legs from a 23 cm Obitsu. Her hair is a wig made of white mohair.

Oh yeah, and the snowy forest backdrops are from the Winter Wonder set of textures for Daz3D’s Woodland Realm Playset One. I would use actual forests, but I live in a densely populated suburban area and do not have any woods to take pictures of, so these graphics will have to suffice.


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