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Work space photo and plastic food collection

Work space photo and plastic food collection published on 2 Comments on Work space photo and plastic food collection

Below are a picture of my work space and some pictures of my plastic food collection. I don’t collect dolls, but I do collect plastic food, almost all of which is either Iwako or Re-ment. People have diverse diets, so I want to reflect that in 1:6. [My vampires, though bloodthirsty, eat human food for nostalgic and sensory reasons.] I’m not looking for a plastic representative of every food ever, but 1:6 versions of foods commonly found in American restaurants and kitchens. It’s all stored in plastic trays that used to hold beads or nails.



I love your food collection. If I had money and space, I’d so go on Rement binges, just for the sheer coolness of them. I still have my near-complete Shoozies collection, and I can’t bring myself to part with them yet. Out of everything I’m selling this go-round, those four carts (sushi, hot dog, ice cream and cyber cafe) are the hardest to let go of.

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