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Big batch o’ Rements = mine!

Big batch o’ Rements = mine! published on 2 Comments on Big batch o’ Rements = mine!

I have purchased a lot of Rement from Andrea [from one hoarder to another], 15 complete sets for $35, plus miscellaneous odds and ends [including Iwako utensils]. There’s a lot of stuff I can’t identify, but this is what I can pick out:

  • microwave
  • cleaning supplies!
  • cookies, cookie dough, cookie tools
  • a whole bunch of veggies!
  • school supplies!
  • fast food
  • pub meal?
  • pumpkin pie
  • pine tree?
  • way more eating tools than I need


Cotton candy
Fruit salad
Lobster dinner
Salad, including mandoline
Christmas cookies, with Xmas tree
Cleaning supplies
Halloween pumpkin pie
School supplies
Pig with cake
Fast food
Cornish hen
All American Steak with onion rings, ketchup, and rum
Lots of other tiny things to lose!

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