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Dr. Who, season 5: still awesome

Dr. Who, season 5: still awesome published on 1 Comment on Dr. Who, season 5: still awesome

I just watched 5.2 and 5.4, "The Beast Below" and "Time of the Angels." The latter appears to be the first part of a two-parter starring my favorite Dr. Who monsters, the Weeping Angels, who look like life-sized cemetery statues when one is looking at them, but transform into fanged killers when one doesn’t look at them. I can’t wait till the second part, "Flesh and Stone," to resolve the story!

I would like to report that I still like Amy better than the Twelfth Doctor; with her sharpness, briskness and quick thinking, Karen Gillan’s portrayal reminds me of a less infatuated, more intelligent Rose. Gillan seems to have more range than, say, Freema Agyeman.

However, even though I prefer Amy over Matt Smith’s Doctor, at least the Doctor has settled down a bit from the first ep and shown himself some more consistent personality. He’s slapdash, risk-taking and fond of waiting till the last minute for his genius to kick in. In his dramaticness [yes, that’s a word that I just made up] and unpredictability, he seems a close follower of Tennant’s portrayal.

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