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Vermont Rails Train Show, 03/16/2013: Barb Pitfido’s Lego layout

Vermont Rails Train Show, 03/16/2013: Barb Pitfido’s Lego layout published on 1 Comment on Vermont Rails Train Show, 03/16/2013: Barb Pitfido’s Lego layout

As far as I was concerned, the crowning jewel of the Vermont Rails Train show was, naturally, Barb Pitfido’s Lego layout. I enjoyed her work immensely when I first saw it at the Dollars for Scholars Train Show last year, and yesterday was no exception. We recognized each other on sight :p, and she pointed out to me the humorous details of her layout this time around.

This is Gulliver. He has appeared in a past layout tied down by minifig Lilliputians.

Along the front of the display, there was a swamp.

The livestock had escaped their alien overlords from the earlier layout and were running away down the tracks.

Some people were having a shovel fight.

A dude led an ostrich herd, keeping pace with the train.

Further back in the layout, an obviously evil train, staffed by ghosts, belched noxious green smoke. [It glows in the dark.]

A makeshift settlement sprang up near the evil train tracks.

People used it as an informal dump.

Santa moved in and got drunk. [That yellow thing in his lap is a bottle, more clearly seen two photos up.]

Pirates [?!] commandeered a nearby tree.

A leprechaun [extreme lower left] popped out of a stump.

Someone let loose the killer clowns [bottom center between two tall pine trees]! Unfortunately, my camera would not pick up their angry expressions and weapons.

Little Red Riding Hood [center background] dreamed of having a SmartCar of her own one day.

The monkey, already well-stocked with bananas, refused to dismount, even with the promise of bribes.

People enjoying their meals were puzzled and slightly disturbed by the presence of someone dressed as a chicken.

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