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This is an elf Lishe rant.

This is an elf Lishe rant. published on No Comments on This is an elf Lishe rant.

I’ve also been getting excited because I keep thinking she’s going to be released soon. First I thought it was in October. No…wait…November. Now latest news says the END of December. Her constantly postponed release makes me very antsy.

I think I’m going to fall over with anticipation. Nothing certain is known about this issue of Lishe, except that she is like regular Lishe with pointy ears. What will her optional head be like? How many will she have? All we have is one lousy photo of the open-eyed elf version wearing a god-awful frizzy wig. Yuck. The lack of information makes her all the more desirable.

LW says that she heard that Elf Lishe [Cerebrus Project special edition Delf, 60 cm BJD] is coming out with THREE heads?!

1. Open-eyed, pointy-eared head.

2. Sleeping, pointy-eared head.

3. Sleeping, pointy-eared, VAMPIRE head.

Very unusual. Luts usually issues just two heads with its special editions. Why would Elf Lishe have three? God knows.

It’s very frustrating not to even have good pictures of the thing I’m getting. If I had some tantalizing pictures of all that Elf Lishe came with, I could sit still. But I don’t. This is irritating.

Okay, I am just going to have elaborate fantasies about Elf Lishe dreaming vampire head.

Closed eyes, pointy ears and fangs…how cool is that??? I don’t think ANYTHING could top that particular BJD desire. Ah, vampires… *pit-a-pat*

Spike: You’re just saying that because you dreamed about MEEEE last night.

Shut up, you!

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