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Stories of BJDs

Stories of BJDs published on No Comments on Stories of BJDs

I started off with 1:6 dolls and built up quite the little universe. Wanting something larger, I actually entertained two mannequins for a while, then sold them because they were too big.

When Andrea was getting Astrid last March, I followed her lead because she was such a cool trend-setter. Research on various sites narrowed my choices to CH Gene or CP Lishe/El. When I finally saw photos of Astrid compared to 1:6 dolls, I thought that a 1:3 doll would definitely satisfy my interest in a larger size, with the added features of more posability and portability than a mannequin.

I sold some stuff, including a 1:3 Jareth doll that didn’t pose, and got Zephque. With his arrival, I also inadvertently started the long-running saga that is now in season 3.

After several months of cemeteries, vampires and photo shoots, I wanted a vampire BJD, preferably a vampire El. Not having the money, I decided instead to get a sleepy elfy Lishe head from Therese and add my own fangs. When Sardonix’ head arrived, it turned out she didn’t want fangs, so there went that plan. I gave her a DD body because it looked like Lishe’s, but was cheaper.

So now I have two BJDs. Zephque was supposed to look like Jareth, which he doesn’t. And Sardonix was supposed to have fangs, which she doesn’t. I’m still playing happily with them, discovering their personalities.

I was going to get a Bermann, hah hah hah, but, with the 1:6 Ultimate Jareth on the way [pieces of him anyway], I don’t want one any more. I still like Haund, though, because he has a smirk, double joints and a comparatively affordable price.

But 1:6 is just so much more exciting [and affordable] right now!

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