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Jareth’s clothes: lookin’ good!

Jareth’s clothes: lookin’ good! published on 3 Comments on Jareth’s clothes: lookin’ good!

Jen [merryallthemoreso] finally finished the wardrobe I commissioned for my upcoming Jareth doll. Everything’s exactly to specifications, and I’m quite pleased. Her Haund, Damien, looks less amused, however, to be modeling clothes that just aren’t his style, honey! Pics below.

I commissioned thong underwear, fishnets, black stretch leggings, purple satin microminiskirt, white poet’s blouse, red vinyl waist cincher and a black satin cape. With these items, Jareth can dress up a la Labyrinth or in the personal [cross-dressing] style that I imagine for him. I especially like the shirt, with its dramatically tight, long cuffs and ridiculously flared sleeves. It’s modeled on a shirt that I once happily wore. [Then it wore out.] Anyway, thank you to Jen!


So pretty.

Hey, its Uberbarbie.
The clothes came out great. Can’t wait to see your Jareth!

That doll is so pretty. He has really beautiful hands. Did you paint him?

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