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DEDF and misc.

DEDF and misc. published on No Comments on DEDF and misc.

DEDF now boasts $248.64, just enough for a Uyoo! Must…resist…urge…to buy…Jennifer… I realize that, with Sardonix’ departure, I have no one to photograph in the cemeteries, and, given Jennifer’s current interest in graveyards, she’d be perfect. But what’s a Jennifer doll without a Frank doll first?

In future doll news, Kallisti has pics of the new Unoas up on Blastmilk . Nope, no Unoa for me, but I think Frank’s breasts should be similar, only scaled up in proportion to the Afghan base body. [Heck, I think Afghan should have had a rack like that originally, possibly even bigger. Then again, my preferences for dolls’ chests are heavily influenced by top-heavy CGs.]

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