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Humor for Jareth-obsessed GUYS!

Humor for Jareth-obsessed GUYS! published on 7 Comments on Humor for Jareth-obsessed GUYS!

The stereotypical Laby fan is a lustfully hormonal teenaged girl [or a woman with the hormones of a lustful teenaged girl] who wishes she had a personal Jareth to do naughty activities with. MALE Jareth/Laby fans do exist, however. But they are just overwhelmed by the squealing of the aforementioned girls.

I have proof that guy fans exist because one of them wrote to me: a hilarious document entitled “50 Signs That You Are Obsessed With Labyrinth: Humor for GUYS.” I’ll post the whole list eventually, but here’s my favorite item:

21. Your answering machine message is Laby related. (Mine: “Hello, you’ve reached the Goblin King. Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and leave a message after the beep.”)

30. You have actually tried to learn the choreography for “Dance Magic.”

42. You have a MAJOR crush on Jennifer Connelly. [Just don’t tell my girlfriend.]

Watch for more when I get my rear in gear and update the Realm.


One of my friends has a big crush on Jennifer Connelly. He says she seems sweet and innocent and such… so I told him to never, ever watch “Requiem for a Dream”. Especially the unrated version.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been finding your doll-related posts lately interesting. Keep meaning to reply, never get around to it!

Jennifer Connelly just looks sweet and innocent in Labyrinth because her mouth hangs open all the time. :O But yeah, she was doing racy movies from an early age, like Once Upon a Time in America [1984], which was rated R.

Is the doll-related drivel in general interesting, or are you talking about the Jareth-doll-related stuff?


Yeah, true. I admit that when I rewatch it I have to periodically yell at the screen, “Close your mouth! Aren’t your teeth dry?” 😉

The doll stuff is interesting in general — although your costume plans and doll mods sound fun too! That face sculpt for Jareth looks great!

I keep hearing about it tangentially because some of my friends are Dollfie, etc., fans… so I’ve been following your links to learn more about ’em.

I considered buying one myself sometime so I can use it as anatomy reference for manga-style drawings, but that’s a lot of money! I ganked the clothes off my Motoko Kusanagi… she’ll do, for now, although she only has a limited range of motion. I posted some pics in my journal earlier.

Manga models

For manga model dolls, you could always get a 27 cm Obitsu. They’re cheap, and you can buy them in the US from

Alternatively, if you prefer an overall more voluptuous figure, try the Cy Girls [referred to as CGs in my journal]. They have comic-book-style bodies, and I really like them.

And yes, definitely, BJDs [the 60cm resin ones] are a lot of money. You can end up over $1000 on a doll, wigs, eyes, clothes, even if you buy a doll that’s ~$500.


Re: Manga models

Ah! Makes sense they’d use it for other things too. I got it direct from Sideshow Toys for $12 (hard to beat that price!)

As for the proportion, yes, I agree — but it’s perfectly fine for what I’m trying to do. If I can’t deal with adjusting proportions, I shouldn’t be drawing anime/manga people, yanno?

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