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Helena’s Room updated: bio of the star added, etc.

Helena’s Room updated: bio of the star added, etc. published on 1 Comment on Helena’s Room updated: bio of the star added, etc.

I worked on Helena’s Room a bit last night, adding a biography of Stephanie Leonidas, who plays Helena. Since the bio is rather lacking in info, I also send fan mail today to Stephanie and to her agent. Hopefully I will get a response with more details on this talented and sexy actor! [Hopefully she’s not overwhelmed with fan mail, so I might even get a reply soon.]

Speaking of the pathetic bio, you won’t believe how hard I scoured the Net, seeking information about Stephanie. Despite consistent stage and screen credits since 2001, the girl remains elusive. What I did find, though, really impressed me. Look below the cut for fan blather.

From her troubled teen in the soap Day & Night, to her bulimic college drop-out in the 2003 play The Sugar Syndrome, to her appearance-obsessed teen in the 2004 film Yes, to the artistic and broody Helena in 2005’s Mirror Mask, Stephanie has played the role of the sensitive, precocious teenager. I think she’s tired of being typecast in this role, but she plays Helena-like characters well. Her strength, as we’ve seen in Mirror Mask, lies in expressing deep emotions with intelligence and restraint. Almost all criticism of her performances picks up on the maturity and naturalism with which she acts.

So here’s what impresses me — Stephanie comes across as a serious artist who approaches her craft with her imagination as well as with her heart. She’s really good, and she’s smart about her talent. That’s why she’s so good.

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