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Taking pictures of 1:6 dolls again

Taking pictures of 1:6 dolls again published on 1 Comment on Taking pictures of 1:6 dolls again

On my way to a doll club meeting at the Burlington [Massachusetts, not Vermont, unfortunately] doll club meeting yesterday, I took along 1:6er Lilith. While I waited in the rainy train station at Alewife for the 350 bus, she enjoyed lounging around and showing off her bust. More below the cut.

Lilith is a CG 1.0 body with a modified Bloody Rose head. I hacked off about 1/2 her skull and put the Yamato Motoko’s hair in its place. Also repainted her lips for more of a smirk. She’s wearing Ice’s leotard backward for more revealing decolletage, Jun’s boots and armored Joanna Dark’s jacket. She may be a superhero with magical powers over anything that’s blue. I haven’t decided yet.

Shot toward the glowing grey clouds outside with Lilith balancing on the stainless steel hand rail. Murky, but I like the explosions of light over her shoulders.

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