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More details on official Jareth doll

More details on official Jareth doll published on 5 Comments on More details on official Jareth doll

According to additional press information that I dug up today, the 12″ Palisades Toys Jareth action figure will be released on April 26th. Accessories include three crystal balls, a riding crop and his pendant. Also [direct quote here], “one figure per case will also sport Jareth’s purple leather coat.” I have no idea what they’re referring to because Jareth doesn’t have a purple leather coat. I’ll have to buy one to make fun of it.


I’m totally biased towards BJDs anymore… Without the dolls I’ve had brought him home in a heartbeat. i used to have a jareth, he was a lishe elf head boy… but sadly it really didn’t work out. He just couldn’t hold a personality. :{ Which is sad because I took some awesome pictures up at Kstate where there’s this crumbly wall and really thin trees and it looks like something out of Labyrinth. this is the only image I’ve got up at the moment, but that’s just Ghaleon. But those are the trees… But yeah, purple coat, ftw?

Yay, another Labyrinth fan! So you were the one with the boy Lishe Jareth. I knew someone on DOA had a Jareth, but didn’t remember it was you. Too bad it didn’t work out for you. I’m gonna force my Jareth doll to work. He’s inspired by Jareth from Labyrinth [nice icon, by the way], but he has loads of his own personality, so it shouldn’t be too hard entertaining him.

Neat trees. LMK if you have any more pictures of that setting.

I have no idea about the purple coat.


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