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The manual for cemetery / geneaology geeks.

The manual for cemetery / geneaology geeks. published on No Comments on The manual for cemetery / geneaology geeks.

I’ve been reading many books about death and cemeteries. The best that I have come across is Your Guide to Cemetery Research. Fusing my two interests — family history and graveyards — the author, Sharon Carmack, covers everything from how to figure someone’s age based on death dates [e.g., “died aged 8 years, 3 months and 17 days”], different burial practices for different ethnic groups, plus how to do a rubbing without hurting the stone. There’s even a whole section on best lighting for gravestone photos, something that I, as an amateur photographer, really appreciate. The book is very practically and straightforwardly written, helpfully organized with sidebars and tabs, invaluable for cemetery or genealogy geeks.

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