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Jareth’s fan art, part I

Jareth’s fan art, part I published on 3 Comments on Jareth’s fan art, part I

As I know from my overflowing collection of Laby fan art, people enjoy drawing pictures of Jareth. Over the years, I've collected many beautiful likenesses of Jareth from the movie, and, now that I have a Jareth doll of my own, people have been drawing him.

Jareth's gallery of portraits began in early February, when Batchix sent me Jareth's gloves. Yes, the guy on the thank you note could be a standard-issue bishounen, but, to bolster Jareth's ego, I'm pretending that the picture is of him.

When Armeleia sent me Jareth after his modifications, she included a little sketch:

Jareth's latest addition to the gallery comes from the pen of Marcus, owned by Jamie [DrNero on DOA]. They first met at the February Burlington doll club meeting, documented here.

Anyone else who wishes to immortalize Jareth in art can reach him through this blog. He would be happy to provide photos for your reference, although he is somewhat puzzled about all the fuss. 😉 Further pictures are coming up soon!


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