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Finally, the BJD collection I want

Finally, the BJD collection I want published on 5 Comments on Finally, the BJD collection I want

As all three of you who follow this blog know, I’ve spent beaucoup d’argent sur les poupees since December. I estimate close to $3,000. @_@

I think my dollies have been so expensive because, last time I had BJDs [Zephque and Sardonix], I settled for ones that looked nice, but not exactly how I wanted. Now, determined to have BJDs exactly to my specifications, I’m willing to fork over serious dough to accomplish that goal.

My interest in 1:6 kitbashing also influences my BJD purchases. As far as I’m concerned, 1:6 figs are made to be stripped down, parted out and recombined to create the fig you really want. While BJDs are designed for customization, parting out and recombining [kitbashing] is not as prevalent. But, coming from the 1:6 land, I see BJDs as more expensive action figs, therefore made of swappable parts. Thus I may pay higher prices for BJD parts [like Frank’s head], but then I get to reconstitute the doll that I want.

Despite what people at the Burlington Doll Club tell me, I’m now done with my BJD shopping. Jareth, Frank and Jennifer form my entire collection. If I was to get another BJD, someone would have to go. Given Jareth’s extensive customization and resemblance to Cher, I really doubt that he would sell. Given Frank’s constitution [defaced male Volks LE head on DM fem body with super boobs], I doubt he would sell either. As an unmodded Soom Uyoo, Jennifer might sell, but I have no desire to replace her [although I would like the Soul Doll Metel body with its hefty curves!]. Since I’m stuck with my current dolls [woe is me!], I see no other BJDs in my future.

In conclusion, I’ve laid out an exorbitant amount in a short time. However, I have exactly the dolls that I want now, and I foresee them entertaining me for quite a while. I think that they will earn their keep. If they don’t, I’ll start forcing them to do dishes and laundry.


I think people are afraid to kitbash with BJDs because of their expense. I’ve kitbashed them quite a bit… what with my head swapping habits and the fact that I /made/ a head to be swapped around. XD When I cast the nephilim body I’ll be happy to cast bodies for people too if they want to try MSD heads on the bodies… I can’t wait to see Jennifer!


Yay! I’m happy your collection’s complete! We’re gonna need to talk about Franks boobs, I think… cuz I’m not sure what’s going on with them. Did you still want them modded, or am I just doing a neck mod?

Know what’s crazy? We’ve spent about the same amount on our doll collections… I’ve just had mad-crazy luck.

I know what you mean about the reluctance to “kitbash” with BJDs (hee, I’ve never heard that word before, it’s perfect!) . . .

I’ve now got a couple of original-sculpt catgirl heads on various bodies, a Ttory head on a MNF body, a DT Estella head on a HyperManiac body, and a Roxydoll Eun-U head on a Volks body . . . and I’m considering eventually replacing my Na-Hu’s arms with SD13 boy arms if I can get a resin match . . . LOL ^-^

I’m all for kitbashing, and I love what you’ve done with your own dolls!!

— A 😀

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