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Hi, Jennifer!

Hi, Jennifer! published on 6 Comments on Hi, Jennifer!

This evening I finally had the energy to set up Jennifer and take a few pictures. Well, actually, I took 40, but you only get to see the 4 most interesting.

I’m so pleased! Uyoo’s such a delicate little doll, yet her big eyes and expressive mouth give her more personality than some 60 cms. The light touch of the Soom default faceup, especially the pale lips, brings out the shining character of the sculpt. Even the body blushing, something I’ve never liked, works on this doll.

Jennifer’s clothes come from the myriads of 1:6 stuff I have around. I’m especially happy that Only Hearts Club shoes fit her; now she can have cycling shoes!

As for her wig, I made it myself. I improvised a wig cap out of plastic wrap and hot glue, then stuck it to her head with plumber’s putty. Some [really expensive] pink yarn formed the hair.


I have to ask…with the legions of Jennifers out there, is this Jennifer based on any Jennifer in particular? Just so I have a point of reference.

And I like the hair. 🙂

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